Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters

by Northwinter Press

Northwinter Press



Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters

A World of great heroes and villainous thieves...

A world of mad kings and young adventurers...

A world of monsters.

In Mystical, you can play as a Monster Trainer or one of 6 archetypes for that class. Utilizing your unique talents, you and your party will travel through a realm known only as The Kingdom in search of monsters to capture and raise. Along the way, you'll find upwards of 154 monsters; some new and some Pathfinder favorites.

By capturing monsters, you gain access to new spells that you can use to either battle other trainers in the arenas that exist throughout the Kingdom or combat evils in your own or another campaign world. As you master the spells those monsters grant you, you can capture even stronger monsters and learn different spells on your journey to become one of the greatest trainers there is.

In addition, there are several new feats for the dedicated Monster Trainer as well as those that will help you to incorporate a little bit of monster training into other classes such as the Druid, the Summoner, or even the Wizard. Any class that gains a companion in some form or another can learn something from monster training.

New spells and magic items accompany would-be trainers on their quests, and a brief description of several locations throughout the Kingdom (including where to capture certain monsters) can be found as well!