NeoExodus Chronicles: Psionic Cavian


Louis Porter Jr. Design

PDF / Pathfinder

NeoExodus Chronicles: Psionic Cavian

Creatures of myth, whispered in legend, lost in the mists of history and now returned for reasons unknown to any but themselves. Such are the cavians, a race of humanoid rodents noted for their incredible psionic abilities. All Cavians have innate mental abilities, most often displayed in their hive mind ability. Some Cavians, however, have innate psionic ability above and beyond this mental connection. These Cavians are often more cerebral and logical, where their non-psionic brethren are more intuitive and instinctual in their abilities. Although both psionic and non-psionic Cavians have similar abilities, the differences are enough that rivalries between the two breeds are not unknown.

This supplement includes:

  • All the information you need to play the Psionic Cavian as PC Race including Personality and Relations.
  • An All New Psionic Cavian Paragon Class
  • Three New Alternate Racial Traits including Alien Aura, Collective Power and Independent.
  • New Psionic Cavian Counters
  • New Initiative cards
  • New Monster cards