Prepare for War: Basic Training Manual

by Amora Game

Amora Game



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Prepare for War: Basic Training Manual

Welcome to the Military of Thaddeus!

The Prepare for War: Basic Training Manual gives players spoiler-free information they'll need to create zero level characters for basic training in the Thaddeus military for the upcoming Prepare for War Adventure Path.

This book hopes to serve as an aid for players and game masters (GMs) to work together to lay the basic foundation of character creation and background for the player characters (PCs) roles as citizens serving in the Thaddeus military. Within this book describes recommended options best suited for the adventure path. A creation process that takes the PCs from the "level zero" commoner to full fledged careers in the military of this city-state. It also covers a brief overview of common races and how classes fit within the military.

This book includes:

  • Overview of classes and races for the adventure path.
  • 1 theme variation on playable Orcs of the world, "The Feral".
  • 30 Character Traits
  • 10 New Feats
  • 12 New war themed archetypes: Armiger (Magus), Battlefield Sapper (Ranger), Battle Sorcerer, Cavalryman, Decrier (Inquisitor), Field Medic (Alchemist), Iron Fist (Commander), Peacebane Oracle, Raider (Rogue), Siegemaster (Fighter), Warchanter (Bard), and War Wizard.

Lead Designer: Greg LaRose

Guest Designers: Daron Woodson (archetypes), Wayne Canepa (traits and feats), Wojciech Gruchala (traits and Iron Fist)