Secret Societies of NeoExodus: Sanguine Covenant


Louis Porter Jr. Design

PDF / Pathfinder

Secret Societies of NeoExodus: Sanguine Covenant

The Sanguine Covenant grew from a simple religion worshiped in small villages to be the official religion of the Arman Protectorate and the Imperial Alliance. While not a truly universal religion, the covenant is the most widespread, and most powerful, single church in the world of NeoExodus. The Sanguine Covenant is a monotheistic religion that worships a single Sanguine Lord, the god named Tarac. The Sanguine Lord works through his outsider agents (the Venerates), and the avowed (his sworn servants). The primary goal of the Sanguine Covenant is to eliminate dark powers, most notably demons, devils, undead, and evil arcane spellcasters. Unfortunately, the covenant sometimes strays too far from this lofty goal, and becomes a force for fear and bigotry as well.

This supplement includes:
  • History of Sanguine Covenant and Sanguine Hierarchy Structure,
  • History of the Sanguine Lord and The Venerates
  • Sanguine Cosmology and Sanguine Politics
  • Holy Sites of the Covenant and Important Covenanters
  • New Prestige Classes: Covenant Daemonslayer and Covenant Purifier
  • New Feats including Attached Soul, Devoted Covenanter, Fanatical Covenanter, Heretic and Sanguine Fury
  • New Magic Items including Purifier Mask and Rod of Sins
  • Ideas for using the Covenant and Adventure Ideas