Starships and Spacecraft Book 0: Cawthorne

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Starships and Spacecraft Book 0: Cawthorne

The Starships and Spacecraft series from Avenger Enterprises presents an array of spacegoing vessels for use in science-fiction roleplaying games. All designs are compatible with the Traveller RPG from Mongoose Publishing, but offer a different take on interstellar travel that will open up new adventure possibilities.

Starships and Spacecraft Book 0: Cawthorne details the key concepts and design features underlying the designs presented in the series. These include new weapons (plasma carronades, point-defence lasers, mass driver cannon and torpedo grapples), emergency FTL drives and pod-based cargo handling systems.

Also featured is the Cawthorne class survey sloop, a rugged vessel designed to operate on the fringes of explored space. Cawthornes can be encountered in the hands of explorers, mining companies, and researchers and are sometimes pressed into naval service. Used models can sometimes be picked up cheap, for a variety of reasons