The Jester Dragon's Bag of Beans

by Skirmisher Publishing LLC

Skirmisher Publishing LLC



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The Jester Dragon's Bag of Beans

This exciting sourcebook, which was authored by game developer Derek Holland and lavishly illustrated by fantasy artist William T. Thrasher, provides a full 100 new entries for the classic magic item!

One of the most iconic magic items associated with fantasy roleplaying games since their earliest days, and one that has seen incarnations in every edition of the game for which 5th Edition is the latest version, is the Bag of Beans. This item is, of course, inspired by the magic beans that appear in the classic fairy tale commonly known as "Jack and the Beanstalk." Only one magical power is associated with the beans in that story, namely growing a massive vine that stretches up into a cloud kingdom inhabited by Giants, and the newest official table only includes a dozen entries, limiting the fun that can be had with this compelling item.

With that mind, this sourcebook contains 100 possibilities in order to make this item more fun, unpredictable, and possibly even useful. Many of these can be used anytime some random oddity is needed or serve as adventure hooks and allow this item to serve as the cornerstone of an entire campaign.