The Planar Paragon


Brand: The Knotty-Works

PDF / Pathfinder

The Planar Paragon

The path to power is a nebulous one at best. For those brave and foolish souls that prefer the path that cause most to tremble with trepidation, the planar paragon forges an enigmatic bond with a powerful extra-planar entity. This sponsor invests some of itself within the soul of the mortal, granting the supplicant undreamed power that flows through its veins.

The Planar Paragon is based on the concept behind the original 'lock OGL class. With the ability to fire bolts of planar energy and invoke strange powers derived from the dangerous pact made, this class is something beyond arcane or divine, martial, or resourcefulness. With 15 different sponsors to choose from nearly 100 invocations, this class offers overwhelming possibilities of a completely customizable class.