The Rogue's Guide to Capers


Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Inc.

Format: PDF

The Rogue's Guide to Capers

What does a character do in between adventures? Wizards research new spells. Clerics continue praying for divine favor. Warriors train with weapons and armor. Rogues...sharpen their daggers?

Rogues are capable of so much and yet continue to have their abilities usurped by those of the bard and even the alchemist. This pdf allows rogues to flex their keen abilities off-screen to do what they're best at--gathering wealth!

"The Rogue's Guide to Capers" provides a quick system for dealing how a PC rogue will spend his down time. Maybe he needs some quick coin by betting on a sure thing or wants to establish a long-term wealth source by wooing a baroness. Seven sample jobs are provided as are rules for the amount of wealth a rogue can acquire depending on the community size he is operating within.