Thunderscape Vistas: Besieged Village

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Thunderscape Vistas: Besieged Village

In the hours and days following the Darkfall, countless settlements across the face of Aden were lost, scourged of all life by the hideous nocturnals. Ten years later, those that remain are veritable fortresses, defended every day by the hardy men and women who take up every weapon imaginable to defend their homes. One such village is Syldan, near the Burning Coast of Aramyst, where the survivors are threatened by a horrifyingly familiar danger from before the Darkfall claimed Aden.

Thunderscape Vistas are locations that can serve as an aventure site for GMs or give players all the tools they need for creating a rich character background. With location descriptions, NPC descriptions, new traits, and new feats, each Vista is a gateway to a more robust experience in the World of Aden!