Ultimate NPC Deck: NeoExodus

by Louis Porter Jr. Design

Louis Porter Jr. Design



Ultimate NPC Deck: NeoExodus

The best heroes and villains need to be SEEN and not just talked about and with the Ultimate NPC Deck: NeoExodus this improves the first impressions in any game does that you do by a hundredfold.

This product includes:

  • Over 40 beautifully illustrated, all new, full-color PDF card images guaranteed to connect and amuse your players with new and interesting heroes and villains.

The Ultimate NPC Deck series has more card images than any other card deck on the market today and is guaranteed to add a new dimension of visual flair to any fantasy RPG campaign you might be running. With the blank writable back to these PDF cards you can customize it with whatever information that you might need to records.

If you play the Pathfinder Role Playing Game, you have to have this product. Created by LPJ Design.