Unchained Heroes Fantasy Core Rulebook


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Unchained Heroes Fantasy Core Rulebook

Unchained Heroes Fantasy Core Rulebook

No More Turns!

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Our dynamic action system--the Real Time Combat System--provides intense, action-packed, and tactical encounters that will satisfy your combat and roleplaying cravings. The powers at your disposal are mighty and spectacular: toss your shield to deflect the sword blow targeting an ally, ignite the seed of magic in your foes to burn them from the inside out, create magnetic fields that makes metal too heavy to wield, and rip the earth apart into great crevasses to swallow your enemies whole. You control the Dynamic Battlefield with abilities that reshape your surroundings for your benefit or to hinder your foes. Mix and match your powers to form incredible combos and spectacular effects.

Our Talent System allows you to bestow a curse that implants terrifying visions of death everywhere, rewrite the neural pathways of a person implanting them with another, and trap those that might telepathically attack your mind in an abyssal prison. You will be as powerful off the Battlefield as you are upon it. Get Unchained Heroes today!

Unchained Heroes offers you:

  • All-in-One Core Rulebook
  • Control imprisoned Titans as a Dread Knight
  • Follow the Paths of the Ascension Cleric, Abyssal Cleric, or Balance Cleric
  • Play the next evolutionary stage of the Human Race as Cerebrals
  • Play the Mischievous Ogres, counterparts to the Elves
  • Use a Story Based Leveling and Treasure System
  • Contains High Resolution PDF and Tablet Optimized PDF in one packaged ZIP File

Here are some of the page spreads in Unchained Heroes.

Explore the planes of the Unchained Heroes Fantasy world, known as the Floating Realms.

Planes Section

Want to play a rogue? Here Roslin is showing off her Crossbow/Dagger combo.

Rogue Page Spread

An easy encounter ranking system helps you decide how each encounter matches up to your players.

Scale of Importance

Our sorcerers specialize in shooting orcs in the face with eldritch magic! Zethran takes no prisoners.

Sorcerer Zethran

We have Battle Zones rather than grids to allows us to use our Dynamic Battlefield System for tactical scenarios.

Dynamic Battlefields of Unchained Heroes

Lechmere, our iconic Umbral's picture speaks a thousand words. This mighty class is available for you to play.

Umbral Pagespread

Grab a copy of Unchained Heroes today and start playing!

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