Undersea Symbol Pack

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Undersea Symbol Pack

Undersea Symbol Pack

How many times did you need cool map symbols for your underwater encounters, but could not find the quality of objects you're looking for? Your search is now over with this set of 50 high quality, photo-realistic map symbols of ocean fish, undersea creatures and water plants. Many of these symbols were created in 3D and digitally painted to match their real world counterparts. Some creatures like the jelly fish is partially transparent like jelly fish ought to be!

All image files in this set are in PNG with alpha channel format at 100 dpi resolution, ready to use in your favorite map-making program or virtual tabletop application.

Included in this set:

  • 13 Ocean Fish - from clown and puffer fish to shark and stingray.
  • 2 Sea Mammals - a dolphin and humpback whale.
  • 12 Invertibrates - from sea urchin and crab to jelly fish and octopus
  • 15 Coral Species - from fan to brain corals in every color imaginable.
  • 8 Sea Plants - from sea grass to kelp.