Viking Warriors (A Sourcebook for 5th Edition)

by Skirmisher Publishing LLC

Skirmisher Publishing LLC



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Viking Warriors (A Sourcebook for 5th Edition)

“Viking Warriors” is set in our version of the Mythic North — a fantastic region that corresponds largely to what are now known as Norway, Iceland, Sweden, and Denmark and which incorporates the myths, legends, folklore, and history associated with it — and is designed to help facilitate adventures in it.

This book includes:

  • 10 sets of D&D 5th Edition game stats, including those for a chieftain, or jarl; five of his lieutenants, or thegns, including a rune-mage, a war-priestess, a bard, a woodsman, and a scout; and four different sorts of common warriors, or carls. Six of these sets are comprehensive enough that they can be used either as non-player characters or as ready-to-use pre-generated player characters.
  • Backstories for the various characters and for their place in a Viking holding called the Hringsgard, allowing them to either be used together as part of a cohesive faction or individually for any number of scenarios or encounters.
  • A detailed 5th Edition background, the Nord, that can be applied to any Viking-type characters and which includes rules for shield walls, a dagger-like weapon called the seax, and an overview of regional equipment.
  • Eight new magic items designed for the Mythic North milieu and assigned to the various named characters that appear in this book.