Dungeon Feature 5 - Chests

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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Dungeon Feature 5 - Chests

Dungeon Feature 5 - Chests

When exploring a dungeon, castle or one of many other such locations, it is quite common to come across a chest. You may be lucky it contains precious goods, or even something worthless. It may be decorated or plain. Is it trapped? What kind of lock does it have to protect its contents from theft?

The aspects covered by this publication:

  • Condition - With Overall Condition, Chest Part & Variation Condition tables to determine if various parts of the chest are better or worse than main part.
  • Insides & Lining - Lining for what covers the insides and Compartments to show how many sections the chest has inside
  • Lock - What type of lock & the difficulty to open it
  • Material - What is the chests primary and secondary material made from?
  • Shape - Not all chests are square or rectangular
  • Size - Just how big is the chest?

Also includes 4 x d100 tables that cover:

  • The possible contents
  • Decoration on the chest
  • Defences & protection the chest may have
  • Quirks & Features