Legendary Hunters: Second Edition (PF2)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Legendary Hunters: Second Edition (PF2)

The Hunt is On! 

Legendary Hunters: Second Edition is the latest volume in our new series of class-focused player supplements for Pathfinder Second Edition, this time focused on the wild-wandering beastmaster hunter class. These savvy wilderness warriors approach encounters with tactics and teamwork in mind for them and their bestial (and humanoid) allies. You’ll find over 100 awesome options for this new class, including an array of Hunter's Bond skills like Flank and Shank, each with their own teamwork and support benefits and special actions, with over 60 class feats for every level. Move your allies into position with Pack Tactics, Bullying Blow, and Back to Back while keeping them safe with Snare Hopping, Spell Adept Companion, and Ever Vigilant, while you trap your enemies with Plentiful Snares and Opportunity Predator and savor their dread with Bay of the Beast and Feed on Fear! You can maximize your connection with the wild and your allies with over a dozen focus spells like companion swap, primal vortex, and king of the jungle, and your allies can walk on the wild side with a full set of Hunter dedication feats like Strategic Action and Incredible Hunter's Bond!  Grab this amazing 30-page supplement by Anthony Saunders for Pathfinder Second Edition today and Make Your Game Legendary!