Far Avalon, Book 1, Background and Spacecraft

by Avalon Games

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Tags: campaign setting future sci-fi

Far Avalon, Book 1, Background and Spacecraft

Far Avalon, Book 1, Background and Spacecraft

Far Avalon Book 1: Background and Spacecraft

Far from the Home Worlds, the Far Avalon region was for many years an underdeveloped backwater. Now, it may be the only enclave of humans left in the universe. With the inexplicable failure of the Lubeck Conduit, the people of Far Avalon must find their own future. Some seek to build empires, some search for a way home, while others have less obvious plans.

Far Avalon is a region in turmoil, a place where a handful of daring individuals can make a difference. A new order may emerge, or chaos may descend. Perhaps some external threat is about to fall upon the people of Far Avalon or it may be that the greatest danger comes from within.

Far Avalon is a complete science-fiction game setting created by Martin J Dougherty. Book 1 details the history of the region and its power structures today. From the gangs of First Landing Starport to the bitterly divided remnants of the Fleet; from the emergent empires to the mysterious but benevolent First Church of Humanity Arisen, this book presents their capabilities, intentions and motivations.

Book 1 focuses on the world of Far Avalon itself. Once a centre of commerce, a base for the colonisation of the region, it has suffered economic collapse and disasters, becoming a hotbed of political machinations as the city-states of Far Avalon strive for dominance and the chance to reclaim their era of greatness.