Heroes Wear Masks, Adventure #2

by Avalon Games

Avalon Games



Tags: Superhero

Heroes Wear Masks, Adventure #2

Heroes Wear Masks, Adventure #2

Material Breach is an adventure for 4-6 characters levels 5-7. Material Breach is the second act in the Hyperion Trilogy, although it can be played as a stand-alone adventure. It is preceded by the events of Escape From The Prison Dimension, and concluded in Star Killer.


Osmo Hyperion, a Telac Or criminal known to the great civilizations of the galaxy as the Star Killer, has escaped from the Prison Dimension in which he was held captive for thousands of years. Many other alien criminals came through the dimensional breach he created in order to escape his planar prison, and Hyperion used the confusion caused by this to escape notice. Now he hides away on Earth, his sights set on the great yellow star Sol