Artiforged Class Handbook (PFRPG)

by Rhetoric Studios

Rhetoric Studios



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Artiforged Class Handbook (PFRPG)

Augment yourself with Artifice. Forge yourself into the ultimate warrior!

The Artiforged Class Handbook introduces a new 20-level base class allowing you to assume the role of a setting-adaptable fantasy cyborg for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

As an Artiforged, you are an augmented warrior capable of wielding integrated weapons, donning armor grafted to your body, and overloading your power source to perform superhuman feats.

Fit your character to any campaign setting by choosing the appropriate power source. Do you augment your body using magical devices? Do you frankenstein yourself with undead body parts? Have you replaced your heart with that of an elemental? Does an eldritch curse literally meld your flesh with steel? With the Artiforged base class, you can create a technologically enhanced character befitting any fantasy or science fantasy setting.

The Artiforged Class Handbook includes:

  • Artiforged, an all-new 20-level base class where you take the role of a warrior augmented with magical and/or scientific technology.
  • 13 flavorful power sources to fit your character into any era and campaign setting.
  • 10 Artiforged archetypes such as junkyard titan, forged fist, and beast machine.
  • 9 archetypes for other classes including the chrome paladin, gadget investigator, and iron hero vigilante.
  • Advanced options such as artifice implants, feats, traits, racial favored class bonuses, and variant multiclassing rules.
  • NPC codex containing Artiforged characters to function as allies or enemies.
  • And much, much more!