Name's Games 2020 Exclusive Content

by Samurai Sheepdog

Samurai Sheepdog



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Name's Games 2020 Exclusive Content

It’s been 2 years now at our Patreon, and during the second we managed to compile over 130 pages of exclusive content and custom requests from our patrons. This latest annual collection brings all of that work together in one place for you to enjoy.

Get a look at what we're offering below, and if you have requests of your own, check us out at Patreon under Name's Games, or message me on Facebook at Samurai Sheepdog.


  • 12+ exclusive races; ancient and elemental alkuaine, the glaedris whose final form it is not, humanoid echidnas, and mind-altering octopus people.
  • 15 new classes, including light-bending aurinko, dicers whose weapon of choice is a fistful of polyhedrals to the face, Volwryn warlocks with their demon companions, and the makari spider warriors.
  • Nearly 40 pages of archetypes, alternate class features, feats, convergence, soul armor, equipment, weapons (including combat dice), and more!
  • A new NPC class for Pathfinder, the chirurgeon.

==Some of the content we’ve created homages to include==

  • * Archivists (divine curator)
  • *d20-Agnostic Mass Combat
  • * Bofuri (bouclier)
  • * Dice the Manwha (dicer)
  • * Dragonball Z (glaedris)
  • * Goblins by Elli Stephens (lehtveen)
  • * Infinite Arcane by Lance McComber/Avalon Games
  • * Highschool DxD (soulbond armor)
  • * King’s Avatar (combination artist)
  • * League of Legends (khihai)
  • * Midnight (adhirat elves)
  • * Mortal Kombat (bladebearers)
  • * The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh
  • * Sonic the Hedgehog (ticaru)
  • * Spider-Man (duanala, makari)
  • * Tron (aurinko, valomancer)