Rawr! Volume II: Flame & Wrath

by Total Party Kill Games

Total Party Kill Games



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Rawr! Volume II: Flame & Wrath

Rawr! A Series of Monstrous Malevolence

TPK Games is proud to bring you a another installment of our dark and sinister series all about monstrous malevolence! We have lovingly entitled it 'Rawr!', and it is a series all about monsters, and not just new monsters -- but what makes them tick. What makes a monster scary? How can you bring fresh new content to truly make your beasties come alive?

We explore new themes each volume and give you new options for your monsters. Options that will allow you to adapt your creatures and give your players a definite surprise at the game table. We want to give you that element of surprise and horror you felt the first time you fell prey to a mimic while looting that overflowing chest of treasure, or contracted mummy rot. Yeah, we're like that.

Volume Two: Flame & Wrath

Our second volume is 65 pages of draconic 'Flame & Wrath.' Within is our monstrous advice section, allowing you to get into the head of your dragons. New options are presented for the dragons themselves, including dragon barding, embedding treasure in their scales and the aberrant template, allowing dragons to have mutated colors, throwing off their hunters. Give your dragons any of the 15 new draconic feats or 7 new traits.

What about players or monsters with draconic bloodlines? We have you covered. We have major and minor bloodlines for all the chromatic and metallic dragons. There's also 90 feats to enhance your bloodline abilities! Of course, we wouldn't let you go without giving you 5 new draconic creatures too.

Grab this awesome sourcebook now and breath new life into your dragons. Build a paladin with the gold dragon bloodline. Create a wyvern with the red dragon bloodline template. Create a blue dragon with the aberrant template and look like a brass dragon.

It's time to set the world on fire...