Earth Dog (A Monster for D&D 5E)

by Skirmisher Publishing LLC

Skirmisher Publishing LLC



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Earth Dog (A Monster for D&D 5E)

Earth Dogs are elemental animals that look like sturdy, well-formed, hairless mastiffs that vary in color from beige or brown to orange or even yellow. They are much heavier than they appear and, while a normal dog of similar size would weigh about 125 pounds, beasts of this sort instead weigh about 250 pounds. Although elementals, Earth Dogs still eat and sleep and are similar to their non-elemental cousins in this regard. Earth Dogs are gregarious, loyal, and exuberant and respond well to life with various intelligent species, and are therefore often kept as pets, animal companions, or guards by Earth-dwelling beings like Dao, and even used for pulling vehicles or as mounts by small creatures of this sort.