Raiders of Pertalo (An Adventure for 5th Edition)

by Skirmisher Publishing LLC

Skirmisher Publishing LLC



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Raiders of Pertalo (An Adventure for 5th Edition)

During the spring equinox, on the Ides of the Falcon, the peaceful village on Lake Pertalo readies itself for the Fertility Feast of Agnor in celebration of a long winter coming to an end. All preparation comes to a sudden halt, however, when the community is overrun by an enemy that disappears as quickly as it arrived. Many are killed or wounded, but it soon becomes clear that this was not the goal of the raiders ... All of the village's children are now gone, apparently carried off in the chaos of the attack. As the characters begin to search for the missing children, they will discover a plot far more sinister than any of them had imagined ... and possibly be destroyed by it.

"Raiders of Pertalo" is an adventure for the 5th Edition role-playing game system developed by the Thunderhead Gaming team of Dan Jones, Donald Jones, Paul Jones, Dan Frost, and Doron (52 pages, $4.99). It is beautifully illustrated by fantasy artists Vanessa Ellis, Nick "Gaz" Gazzarari, and Denitsa Trandeva.

Players will face a wide variety of perils throughout the course of this adventure, ranging from Goblin depravity to mystical puzzles and mysteries unknown, as they take their first steps toward learning the fate of the missing children. May the gods be with them in their quest!

This module includes six pre-generated starting characters that players can use if desired to jump right into the adventure.