Ancestral Anthologies Vol. 1: Races of Nature Unleashed (5e)

by Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon



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Ancestral Anthologies Vol. 1: Races of Nature Unleashed (5e)

Dorian looked up at the gigantic beast in front of him. So this was what the Norns had intended for him to rectify. He grinned confidently at his companions - he'd told them about his destiny months ago, and they'd all just scoffed at him. Drawing his blade from its scabbard he waded in. Time to show them a thing or two about how fate worked, and why he believed he was destined for greatness...

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Ancestral Anthologies Vol. 1: Nature Unleashed provides you with the rules for the following:

4 New Races, 9 variant traits, 6 new archetype options for your characters, and 6 new background options.

Destined - When a lesser beings’ meddling upsets the strands of fate, the weavers of Fate must act to correct history’s progression by creating one of the Destined, a creature with the potential to set things right. To do this, they draw upon the raw components that comprise the multiverse, carefully crafting an infant Destined designed to be the model of robust health and charming demeanor. Once created, the Destined is inserted into the material plane where it can alter the course of history.

The Destined come with 2 new variant traits beyond the normal ones, and a new martial archetype for the fighter (Fate Weaver).

Duburu - Duburus are a muscular, barrelchested humanoid race that live at the northernmost pole where the frigid temperatures, scarce vegetation, inhospitable ice flows, and lack of resources make surviving everyday life a challenge. Unique to the Duburu is their dual consciousness. All Duburus begin life in the womb as a twin, each with a brain of its own. During the gestation period, the two merge to become one, creating a creature that thrives in solitude - though they often talk to themselves.

The Duburu bring with them 2 new variant traits beyond the normal ones and a new monastic tradition for the monk (The Way of the Ancestral Conduit).

Naboda - Millennia ago, a Great Old One’s interest was drawn to the realm of dreams by a particularly creative humanoid thinker. Interested to see what chaos would unfold if the creature existing in the dreamer’s mind were to exist on the material plane, the Old One plucked it from the dreamscape and breathed life into it. Since that time, Nabodas have integrated themselves into the fabric of the world, living among humans.

The Naboda enter the fray with 4 new variant traits (chosen at character creation) beyond the normal ones, as well as a new divine domain for your cleric (the Dream Domain).

Vek - Distant cousins of the cyclops, Veks live sequestered in the remotest parts of the jungles in a
communal lifestyle. Like their cousins, Veks possess one central eye and powers of the mind, but they lack the physical stature and strength of their cousins. Instead, Veks possess some physical characteristics similar to arachnids, such as a toughened epidermis. Veks hunt in small packs, taking advantage of poison and ambush tactics. Veks have an uncanny ability to predict another creature’s battle tactics and defensive maneuvers, and they rely on this insight to determine the best way to take down prey.

The Vek are introduced with a single variant trait beyond the normal ones, 3 new druidic circles (Circle of Currents, Circle of Seasons, and Circle of Paths).

Furthermore, the book comes with 6 new backgrounds (Barrister, Circus Acrobat, Diplomat, Orphan, Shaman, and Squire).