Cerulean Seas Bundle

by Alluria Publishing

Alluria Publishing



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Cerulean Seas Bundle

Note This is a bundle of 3 products:

  • Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting and Undersea Sourcebook
  • Cerulean Seas: Indigo Ice, and
  • Cerulean Seas: Waves of Thought

If purchased separately these are priced at $21.95, $14.95, and $14.95 and would total $51.85 but this bundle is priced at just $39.95, a savings of (about) $12.00 or 23% off purchasing individually.

Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting and Undersea Sourcebook

Does your game lack depth? Under a lot of pressure to try something new? Creative springs running a bit dry? Then it is time to make a splash with the Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting and Undersea Sourcebook.

Aquatic adventure awaits in three dimensions with this unique underwater world. This tome is filled to the brim with useful material for any game: a dozen new races, a triad of new classes and prestige classes, scores of new feats and spells, solutions for 3D combat, ninety new monsters, cardstock minis and so much more! All beautifully color-illustrated by Alluria Publishing's talented design team.

Cerulean Seas: Indigo Ice

The lands of eternal ice and snow have always held a special place in our minds. We know these frosted realms for their amazingly resilient wildlife, including adorable seals, titanic walruses and playful penguins. When we consider this realm, our imaginations take us to a spectacular setting filled with exotic danger and heroic survival.

Indigo Ice is the first gaming sourcebook that attempts to capture the entirety of this realm, above and especially below the ice. This book expands on the material presented in the Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting and Undersea Sourcebook, bringing you to a new realm of aquatic adventure!

Cerulean Seas: Waves of Thought

Alluria Publishing in association with Dreamscarred Press bring psionics into the fantastic world of undersea adventuring. In these pages you will find aquatic rules for six new races, a new psionic core class (the Aquanaut), new feats, powers, and psionic items, as well as a score of psionic sea monsters to terrorize your undersea denizens.

This book requires Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting and Undersea Sourcebook (which is part of this bundle) and Psionics Unleashed (Dreamscarred Press) (which is not part of this bundle) as it masterfully builds upon both rule sets.