Demiplanes: Valhalla

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



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Demiplanes: Valhalla

What fate awaits you? 

Valhalla is the domain of heroes, sacrifice, and destiny. 

The demiplanes touching it are no different, from the endless adventurous dreams within the Unknown Expanse to perilous tragedies trapped within the Hall of Unseen Fates, each of the realms offers whole new worlds of possibility! Great warriors might seek an impossible challenge in the mythical Champion’s Arena or mysterious Training Grounds. They might wish for to drink with everyday heroes in the Tavern of Unsung Songs, or tell their tale in the Eternal Tavern… after saving the world once or twice. 

Then, not all great callings end well. Within the quiet serenity of the Garden of Memoriam one sees the price of heroism, and those who stand upon the Cliffs of Renewal might choose to erase their sins. You could trade your future for an artifact within the Forge of Destiny, or give your eyes to the Well of Sacrifice’s endless depths. Nothing worth gaining comes without cost in Valhalla.

What price would you pay?

Within this book are 10 demiplanes associated with the Outer Plane of Valhalla — a chaotic good realm set aside for heroic souls. Each demiplane includes background information and secrets, new planar traits, ways to reach it, plot hooks, important locations, and NPCs. Each also includes novel mechanics associated with the strange realm, such as artifacts, monsters, hazards, items, traps, and much, much more! 

What songs shall they sing in your name?