Esoteric Organizations: Mistress Saint’s School

by Azoth Games

Azoth Games



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Esoteric Organizations: Mistress Saint’s School

“Welcome home.”

Throughout the world there are some individuals who practice arts that even among the mystically inclined might seem strange. There are still others lonesome souls who think thay they alone shelter the dying flames of fading arts. Such individuals are never so alone as they might think. Somewhere there is a group of like minded practitioners waiting for them.
Welcome one and all to the hallowed halls of Mistress Saint’s School for the Uncommonly Blessed.
This document includes the following:

  • The basic rules for akashic organizations, including an introduction to Emblem Veils.
  • The stats and lore of Mistress Saint’s School For The Uncommonly Blessed.
  • Fallen Scribe’s Wings, the emblem veil of Mistress Saint’ School.
  • A new and powerful akashic monster, the Enochian Angel.
  • And More!