How to Use Romance in Your Game

by Avalon Games

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How to Use Romance in Your Game

How to Use Romance in Your Game

Love. It happens. Were flesh and blood with one simple seek a mate. The emotion is straightforward but courtship is a human institution full of opinions and restrictions. For most of history, one couldn't fall in love without society's approval. If you fall in love with an unacceptable somebody, you can be locked away, banished, or even killed. In early history, marriage was for material gain. Two people got involved in a relationship for personal power or for their families, their cities, or their nations.

This information was developed as a generic supplement for any game system, mostly regarding campaign settings in high fantasy medieval-style settings, but with information dating as late as the 19th and 20th Centuries for steampunk adventures and modern-day gothics. This information can also be used in anything from strange post-apocalyptic locales that developed their own laws based on salvaged texts to alien worlds where a gesture might be construed as a marriage proposal.

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