Hybrid Blood

by Silver Games LLC

Silver Games LLC



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Hybrid Blood

Strange gods or wizardly interference has blended animal and man. By practice, accident, or even nature, the beast people have risen to live against and with humanity in all its varied cultures and origins. Two legs or four, they stand ready to spice up your adventure as allies, antagonists, or player options.

In a world steeped with magic, even the most unlikely matches are occasionally made. Sometimes through wildly inventive sorcery, the interference of otherworldly gods, or even the spark of true love may bring two distant lines together. Such creatures may be an anomaly, or give rise to whole new species.

Even if one doesn’t force blood together that normally would remain separated as water and oil, the nurture side of what makes a person who they are cannot be denied. What if your halfling was raised by orcs? Or that orc was brought up by elves? Without a single physical exchange, lines can be brought together.

  • Hundreds of racial combinations
  • A new race (the beast people) designed to cover the animal kingdom.
  • New Feats
  • New Magic to blur racial lines
  • Reincarnation handled with grace and ease
  • Compatible with Pathfinder, Starfinder, and 5th Edition!