Hypercorps 2099: FAMOTH

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Hypercorps 2099: FAMOTH


Looking to travel the realms digital but not sure where to start your journey?

Been to a bad server and got hacked?

Heard all those scary stories about the nasty things that wander the byways of cyberpsace and now you’re spooked?

This is the book for you.

I’m the dwarf that led the research team at Raeon Industries when they finally broke the upload barrier—the hyperjack in your neck is probably a derivative of my original design. In short, chances are good you’ll never find a better source of wisdom as far as the Hypernet is concerned.

So take my advice and read this document carefully. Some of what you’ve heard or seen is sensationalized but not all, and there’s a great many things on the Hypernet worth being cautious about. An unwary user doesn’t last long, that’s for certain.

Scan it all and keep it in mind—the Hypernet is as dangerous as it is compelling.

In Hypercorps 2099: FAMOTH you’ll find:

  • Planar rules for the Hypernet and a dozen servers ranging from the old-timey frontier of Maliku to the endless oceans of Aquatica, sprawling forests of the Unyielding Green, curiously medieval Harsanath, and more!
  • Dangers of the Hypernet—whether it’s the dangers of being meat stripped or a viral infection, we’ve got you covered.
  • Over a dozen creatures and netjackers from the Hypercorps 2099 core rulebook supplemented by new digital assets!
  • The Netjacker base class for all your hacking, drone-controlling, proxy-possessing needs.
  • Fourteen class archetypes for technoclerics, cybersurfing monks, digital detectives, and even the dreaded /\/008 |
  • New digital feats, digital items (including nanosymbiotes!), and digital hypernaut powers!
  • Hyper flaws not included in the Hypercorps 2099 core rulebook.
  • Four pregenerated PCs with statblocks for use in the Hypernet.