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The science fiction genre has shown us glimpses into fantastic other worlds and utopian futures. This realm of literature also has a dark side that shows us horrible images of what could be. We know that all civilizations come to an end. We know that every empire must fall. The field of speculative fiction allows us to peek into the future and witness the demise of our own society. Post-apocalyptic stories have been around for a long time. The field reached its height as the Cold War era demonstrated to us that a global apocalypse was not just a frightening speculation but a dangerously real possibility.

However, the true point of these stories was never about how civilization ends but what would happen afterwards.

Pandemic is a setting resource for the Infinite Futures roleplaying game. This book is your guide to creating adventures in a world of apocalyptic horror. In a Pandemic campaign, the player characters are among the small percentage of the world population that has persisted after the majority of the human race has been wiped out. The root cause of this Armageddon is a science fiction plague caused by the P1 virus. The P1 pandemic does not simply kill its victims, it changes who they are, first by driving them mad and later by transforming their bodies into grotesque monstrosities.

Dark, gritty and full of danger, take your future to a dark pace with this great setting for Infinite Futures.