Thunderscape: Heroes of Aden

by Kyoudai Games

Kyoudai Games



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Thunderscape: Heroes of Aden

Thunderscape: Heroes of Aden

The world of Aden is in desperate need of heroes!

The forces of the Darkfall continue to threaten everyday life in all the nations of the Known Lands, and the stress of survival has put long-standing allies at one another’s throats. It is the most dangerous time in history, and the survival of the ‘civilized races’ is far from a certainty. The only thing a man can count on in such dire times are the comrades who watch his back.

Heroes of Aden is a compilation of heroes and important figures from throughout the Known Lands. Many are taken from fans of Thunderscape, Kickstarter backers who earned the right to make their characters part of the world of Aden. But this is not just a compilation of characters! Inside you will find inspiration for your own characters, suggestions for different campaigns, new traits, and a few surprises!