Akashic Tales: Gifts of Winter Pageantry

by Azoth Games

Azoth Games



Tags: Archetypes Fantasy Magic Pathfinder 1e Races Traits

Akashic Tales: Gifts of Winter Pageantry

"Remembrance, like a candle, burns brightest at Christmastime."

For those with the ability and desire there are many mysteries that can be uncovered within the infinities of the akashic records. Paths to power, answers to forbidden questions, and even simple stories. Among these stories are the tales saved for brightening the depths of winter.

This document includes the following:

  • The Gifts of Winter Pageantry veil set.
  • Archetypes for the Fisherking, Radiant, and Vizier.
  • Tuktu, an akashic reindeer folk race.
  • 6 new akashic cooking recipes.
  • And more!!!