Akashic Tales: Relics of Atlantis

by Azoth Games

Azoth Games



Tags: Pathfinder 1e

Akashic Tales: Relics of Atlantis

“And the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea . . .”

For those with the ability and desire there are many mysteries that can be uncovered within the infinities of the akashic records. Paths to power, answers to forbidden questions, and even simple stories. Among these stories is the legend of the drowned island Atlantis.

This book includes the following:

  • The Relics of Atlantis veil set.
  • The Demagogue, a voice veil using Truenamer archetype.
  • The Orichalcum Smith, a constellation using Machinesmith archetype.
  • Bonus content: Spheres of Power support for the Machinesmith.
  • And More!

For Pathfinder 1E.