Colour/Shade Name Maker

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Colour/Shade Name Maker

Colour/Shade Name Maker

20,000 possible names for variations of colours & shades

For those who run games or make stories, the description of "A Thing", such as shape, size and so on, can be quite important. The colour or shade can be an important detail as well. A bit of clothing that belongs to one particular faction might have one major colour, with another belonging to their deadliest rivals, with the same being said for the natural world, where creatures or fauna have colours to help them hide or as warnings to predators to "stay away!"

This publication gives you a system for picking and naming various colours, from simple ones such as red, green, blue etc., to the more complex names for the colour an artist might need for their grand work!

Notes from the author : The term colour is used here in this publication to represent both colour and shade. This was a deliberate design decision to save on space and make the text easier to read. In other words, when you see "colour", it means "colour and or shade name" or "colour/shade name".

As this publication is for naming colours and shades, both black and white have been included. Some may argue that they are not "true" colours and yet others say they are - as with anything, context matters. If this causes you issues, as with any other Ennead Games publication, feel free to re-roll or pick another result.


  • 1 x d20 table with simple colour options
  • 1 x d100 table that takes the d20 and gives you more colours/shades
  • 2 x d100 prefix tables to give more options for names

Example Outputs

  1. Argent Violet
  2. Baby Asparagus
  3. Classy Crimson
  4. Eerie Sanguine
  5. Flamboyant Indigo
  6. Freaky Beige
  7. Fresh Apricot
  8. Ghastly White
  9. Glossy Wheat
  10. Luminous Cobalt
  11. Mellow Magenta
  12. Midnight Cream
  13. Parched Saffron
  14. Rich Lavender
  15. Royal Black
  16. Soft Chocolate
  17. Spicy Wisteria
  18. Tempting Aqua
  19. Tropical Purple
  20. Vivid Scarlet