Monstrous Codex: Troops

by Publishing Publishing



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Monstrous Codex: Troops

Brought to prominence in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 6, troops allow for groups of creatures to be treated like a single foe, similar to swarms. They allow low-CR creatures such as kobolds or zombies to pose a much greater threat than they might if each monster was treated as an individual, or for new threats for higher-level opponents. 

Monstrous Codex: Troops introduces the concept of organized troops, which allow a wider range of creatures to be modeled as troops. Thus, the troop subtype can be applied to creatures that might not normally be smart enough (such as owlbears) or temperamentally inclined ( ... also, owlbears) to work together as a cohesive whole.

Interspersed in the ranks of the creatures is some organizing force, such as human trainers or higher-ranking demonic marshals. These organizers are part of the troop so cannot be individually targeted, but each such troop has a weakness spelled out that affects it as the troop takes damage, reflecting the organizers’ suffering attrition and/or losing control over the bulk of their forces.

This follow-up to Jacob W. Michaels’ five-star Monster Menagerie: Troops presents 10 new foes with which GMs can terrify their players, expanding the threats they may face to all sorts of monsters, from mindless zombie to majestic dragons!

This installment of Monstrous Codex: Troops brings you 10 new monsters: 

  • Clockwork Regiment
  • Dragon Storm
  • Faerie Troupe
  • Kobold Clutch
  • Lesser Demon Horde
  • Minotaur Runeforce
  • Savage Squadron
  • Shambling Throng
  • Sky Patrol
  • Spectral Cohort