Legend of the Pharaoh King

by Epic Table Games

Epic Table Games



Tags: 5th Edition

Legend of the Pharaoh King

Uncover the Secrets of a Mad Monarch and Survive the Perils of His Pyramid.

Deep within the vast and ancient Ankaris pyramid lies the tomb of an undead pharaoh king, guarded by his loyal minions and protected by deadly traps. But the real danger lies within the inner sanctum of the tomb, where the queen Amisi, wife of the pharaoh, has been transformed into an undead monstrosity. Can you and your team of adventurers navigate through the treacherous traps and minions to reach the inner sanctum, and defeat the undead queen before she unleashes her fury upon the world?

The journey to the inner sanctum will not be easy, as the tomb is filled with devious traps, undead guardians, and otherworldly creatures. Along the way, you will need to solve puzzles and decode ancient hieroglyphics to uncover the secrets of the tomb, all while fighting for your survival. But the rewards for your bravery are great, as the tomb is said to contain unimaginable treasures and powerful artifacts.

Are you and your team of adventurers up to the challenge of exploring the tomb of the undead pharaoh king and facing the wrath of the queen Amisi? Only time will tell if you have what it takes to survive this treacherous adventure and emerge victorious.