Quick Generator Creature Concepts - Folklore

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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Quick Generator Creature Concepts - Folklore

What variant of a being from folklore have you encountered?

The Quick Generator series by Ennead Games is a collection of tables with one simple theme - you don't have to make a lot of rolls to use them. They have 2 x d100 tables and can give you a lot of possible results. Sometimes though, in the making of them, a lot of entries are not included to keep within that concept. Some even have quite a few more possible entries.

This particular Quick Gen gives you some ideas or concepts of entities of folklore , with a focus in this volume on creatures that could be classed as undead, that can be used for new variants of the creature, or, a quick way to describe a new entity that resembles something from myths and legends.

2 x d100 tables give you 10,000 possible variants, including...

  • Prismatic Vampire
  • Calcified Death Knight
  • Pseudo Draugr