Ultramodern5 - REDUX

by Dias Ex Machina Games

Dias Ex Machina Games



Tags: 5th Edition

Ultramodern5 - REDUX

The original Ultramodern5 was the most successful non-fantasy ruleset for 5th Edition. This revised sourcebook doubles the content of the original, with revised rules and brand-new mechanics to customize any game.

Ultramodern5 presents races, classes, archetypes, gear, monsters, and scenarios that can be inserted into any campaign. This includes…

  • Cyberpunk
  • Espionage
  • Modern Warfare
  • Mecha
  • Space Opera
  • Steampunk
  • Techno-fantasy
  • Wild West

Create a pure science fiction setting or insert any combination of rules into your own fantasy world.

The only limit is your imagination.


  • 10 new races, including aliens, robots, and mutants.
  • A new lifepath system incorporating backgrounds into an adjustable character history.
  • A revised “ladder” system, offering more customization with character creation.
  • 12 new classes, including infiltrator, medic, and sniper.
  • 26 archetypes.
  • Over 130 different firearms from pistols to plasma artillery.
  • Sci-fi inspired melee weapons.
  • New armor (over 40 new options), including exoskeletons and mechs
  • Rules for portable force fields to mimic popular video games.
  • New gear, including cybernetics (30+), vehicles (35+), and aircraft (14).
  • A complete universal giant robot/mecha construction system (25 pages).
  • A techno-magic spell system with enchanted technology, a new class, and a revised spell list.
  • Over 70 monsters, including aliens, robots, and customizable adversaries. New treasure tables, including loot & shoot rules.
  • Six location maps with action scenes to include in any adventure.
  • A spacecraft combat system.
  • A customizable sci-fi dungeon map system with 30 different rooms.
  • Two new adventures—the cyberpunk/superhero Necropolis and the space horror Threshold