Speaker: A PFRPG 1st Edition class designed for use in the Lost Lands

by Michael Mars Gaming

Michael Mars Gaming



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Speaker: A PFRPG 1st Edition class designed for use in the Lost Lands

The Speaker is a specialized type of spellcaster who stumbled upon the secrets of Creation instead of traditional spellcasting. Upon speaking their first Word, a Speaker’s soul begins to change, adapting to fuel powers wielded once only by the gods themselves. The downside of this amazing power is that it cannot be taught, only learned through intense study of languages as Foundation cannot be written and the mortal mind cannot properly comprehend the word being spoken as it rewrites reality, though the meaning may be understood through a generated effect.

Within the pages of this volume you will find:

  • A brand new non-vancian divine spellcasting class with Favored Class Bonus support for 30 races.
  • 10 Archetypes, six of which are for Speaker. The other four are for bards, occultists, rangers, and wizards.
  • Alternate Word Domains for every domain in the Core Rulebook, usable by any class that has access to domains.
  • 12 Feats, many of which are usable for non-Speakers.
  • 100+ Words of Foundation, the Speaker’s spell equivalent.
  • Ferdia Caimbeul, Iconic Speaker presented at levels 1, 4, 7, 12, and 18.
  • Zyanya Miquiztli, a level 15 Blackened Tongue of the Void Speaker from Tehuatl.
  • Mordred Boneghul, a level 20 Necronamer Speaker who has transformed himself into a lich.