The Rune of Hope

by Storm Bunny Studios

Storm Bunny Studios



Tags: Adventure (Mid-Level) Fantasy Mythic Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

The Rune of Hope

The siege around Northgard has reached its pinnacle and now, with the PCs racing to find a cure for rage fever, the Thrall Lords play their hand. Deep in Ælvenheim, the curse that eats at its trees continues to spread, while in Union City, the fires of distrust continue to burn brightly. With troops massing for a northern campaign, most of the City-States fear that winter may come early this year, and with it, an invasion none of them may survive...

In this second installment of the Beyond the Glittering Fane adventure arc, the PCs seek a cure to rage fever that takes them across Midgard, and after a dangerous journey into forgotten parts of the North, onto the very branches of Yggdrasil itself — all in the hope of saving their homes from the destruction and disease that the Thrall Lords promise to bring.