S-Class Characters: The Shifter

by Samurai Sheepdog

Samurai Sheepdog



Tags: Classes Fantasy Pathfinder 1e

S-Class Characters: The Shifter

"The original Pathfinder RPG summoner class is fine."

I'm glad you think so. In that case, you're going to love the s-class shifter, which has been balanced around the same general power level as the original summoner while still remaining fully compatible with a standard adventuring party. In fact, we are retuning every other class to be on par with that one, and the shifter is just another of our offerings so far.

As this line continues to gain support, we'll be sure to release more, and eventually collect them into a full book for POD.

==What's Inside==

  • A full, 20-level s-class that you can bring to the table right beside others like it, including the original s-class, the summoner.
  • Streamlined class features that make it easier to learn and take on various forms.
  • A cleaned up version of shifter claws that splits the feature into natural weapons and natural strike.
  • Offers more choices beyond increased critical multiplier when you reach 11th level.
  • A sample of 14 shifter aspects for easy reference while playing.

In addition to the s-class description, this is a full-use document for your character. No need to look at other books unless you need to know greater details, such as additional aspects or archetypes.