Art of Might - Artful Dodgers

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Tags: 5th Edition Archetypes Fantasy Magic

Art of Might - Artful Dodgers

Everything is yours for the taking, if you're quick enough.

Art of Might—Artful Dodgers expands the tools of the fifth edition rogue with eight new rogue archetypes such as the boss and the divine rogue, ten feats, ten rogue items, alternative class features, and 20 new spells. Together, these provide the tools you'll need on the streets to keep your team alive and to thrive in any encounter.

Not everyone gets a nice start in life, or fancy magic to solve the world’s problems. Smart characters—those who pay attention and don’t rest on their talents, who work hard to grab the few opportunities that come their way—are always fun to play. That’s where my versions of rogues fit in at the table. I want the wise guy, the downtrodden, and the upstart to move up in the world. Clerics hear the call of the gods, wizards spend time and probably a family's fortune learning secrets, and fighters are just slabs of meat that won’t go down. Someone has to be the smartest guy in the room, the one who is only there by the sharpness of his or her wits.

There are enough options here for a whole party of rogues, with each character unique enough to shine. With groups of wizard-rogues, cleric-rogues, and brute force front line rogues mixed in with the usual shadow walking rogues, a group of pure fluid silence will turn you into any GM’s nightmare as your move through the night and strike with spell, fist, and blackened daggers from the shadows.