Domes of Ishaq-Zahur (5th Edition)

by 2CGaming, LLC.

2CGaming, LLC.



Tags: 5th Edition Adventure (Low-Level) Adventure (Mid-Level) Fantasy

Domes of Ishaq-Zahur (5th Edition)

The Domes of Ishaq-Zahur adventure is a tabletop roleplaying game module featuring challenging combat and traps, a gamut of mind-bending puzzles, a completely custom cast of NPCs and monsters, detailed backstory and plot, and guidelines detailing the best ways to run the sessions standalone or incorporate it into your ongoing campaign.

The 84 page adventure is written for both the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (this version is 5th Edition) and designed to take a 5th level party of characters from either system to 7th level over the course of 10 to 12 sessions of play.