Epic Depths (5E)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



Tags: 5th Edition Adventure (High-Level) Fantasy Monsters/Enemies SRD Enhanced

Epic Depths (5E)

Doom Down Below!

Merlin summons the party to his tower for a dire task—find where important figures from across the globe have gone and free them from captivity. Of course once the adventurers discover what's really going on it's a whole lot bigger of a problem than some kingly kidnappings and missing empresses. Indeed the entire world will be affected by what the PCs learn about beneath the waves!

NOTE: This adventure uses rules for PCs past 20th level from the Legendary Adventures: Epic 5E core rulebook.

What's inside Epic Depths:

  • A subterranean and underwater adventure for characters of 21st level.
  • Statistics for the joristenz and porosi monsters, as well as the dreaded Marwolaeth.
  • Beautiful isometric cartography by Tommi Salama.
  • Pregenerated adventurers of 21st level for every class.
  • A printer-friendly black and white file in addition to the regular PDF.
  • PLUS the epic adventuring continues in the upcoming Heart of War module for parties of 22nd level!