Master of the Forgotten Temple

by Darrin Drader Designs

Darrin Drader Designs



Tags: 5th Edition Adventure (Mid-Level) Fantasy

Master of the Forgotten Temple

The Town of Woodwail Has a Dragon Problem

It’s not an obvious problem; dragons don’t swoop out of the sky and prey upon caravans and livestock. This problem is far more insidious. Decades ago, the dragon, Chardinarth took up residence in a forgotten temple outside the frontier town of Woodwail. Not content to simply sit and bide its time, it began extorting money from the local Duke. Now, its demands have increased.

Duke Arret Warda oversees the town of Woodwail for the Regent. A fair but grim man who carries this burden heavily, he knows he, and his father before him, have been party to activity many might consider treasonous; raiding the coffers to enrich a dragon’s hoard.

The dragon has grown greedier. Warda knows he must do something to rid the area of this monster.

He needs dragon slayers!

Master of the Forgotten Temple is an adventure for the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game, and is intended for characters levels 11 to 13.

Darrin Drader is a veteran game designer, who has worked on such titles as the D&D 3.5 Book of Exalted Deeds, Forgotten Realms: Serpent Kingdoms, Forgotten Realms: Mysteries of the Moonsea, D20 Apocalypse, and a host of others. He started DDD (Darrin Drader Designs) as a creative outlet for his numerous RPG ideas, which include the Cobalt Kingdoms (a new campaign setting that will be entirely open for 3rd party use), a line of adventures, and a second edition of the space opera setting, Reign of Discordia.