The Lost Libraries of Tymbaria

by Epic Table Games

Epic Table Games



Tags: 5th Edition

The Lost Libraries of Tymbaria

In the heart of the vast desert lies the ancient city of Tymbaria, once a beacon of knowledge and enlightenment. Now, it lies in ruins, its libraries lost to time and buried beneath the shifting sands. But the secrets of Tymbaria have not been forgotten. Whispers of a legendary dragon, Malijaro the Lorekeeper, who hoards knowledge beyond imagination, have reached your ears.

Embark on an extraordinary adventure as you become a Mythwarden, a guardian of lore and an explorer of the unknown. Seek the hidden entrance to the lair of Malijaro. Will you join forces with Professor Caldwell, a seasoned scholar in search of answers, or delve into the journey alone, forming unexpected alliances along the way?

The sands of Tymbaria hide both danger and opportunity, and each step you take will lead you deeper into a world of forgotten legends and arcane secrets. From the bustling markets of Aurelia, where snake charmers mesmerize the crowds, to the treacherous desert dunes and the grand library, every twist and turn will test your courage, cunning, and camaraderie.

Unravel the secrets of the past, face off against legendary creatures, and decipher long-lost texts that hold the key to unimaginable power. As you delve into the ancient lore, you’ll discover that the path to knowledge is fraught with peril and betrayal. Your choices will shape the fate of Tymbaria, and only the bravest and wisest will emerge victorious.