Fane of the Fallen (PFRPG) - PRINT

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Fane of the Fallen (PFRPG) - PRINT

All is not as it seems when a large scale orc raid preys upon the city of Brookmere. PCs are sent to parley with the orcs believed to be responsible, and after many exciting battles and investigation, the characters learn of the masterminds behind the attack, a faction of murderous elves bent on the destruction of the kingdom. Can the characters penetrate the foreboding Harwood Forest and defeat the denizens of Castle Novgorod? Or will they succumb to the fallen elves and their depraved succubus goddess?

Fane of the Fallen is an epic adventure of epic proportions, designed to take characters from 13th level to 18th level. Fane of the Fallen introduces the Kingdom of Myrridon, a mini-campaign of grand scale, and the fallen elves, a new race of murderous beings seduced by evil.

  • Uncover the dark secrets of the fallen elves, and confront them and the demonic forces they consort with in dozens of unique and exciting dungeons.
  • Fight 17 new creatures, and discover 14 new magical items making their debut in this adventure.
  • Save the kingdom from evil forces and be hailed as a hero in the songs of bards for ages to come.

This book is 172 pages long.