Attack of the Frawgs

by Thick Skull Adventures

Thick Skull Adventures



Tags: Adventure DCC Dungeon Crawl Classics GM Tools Old School

Attack of the Frawgs

When strange creatures prey on the innocent, the meek must become the hunters!

Panic is mounting in the isolated settlement of Sagewood! Frightened villagers speak in hushed tones of ""walking frogs the size of men"" peering at them from within the woods. And now, a severely wounded local trapper has barely managed to return from Dead Goblin Lake; the fate of his partner known only to the foul creatures that so savagely attacked them.

In a small village without heroes, the townsfolk look desperately towards each other for salvation from this terror.

Those who face the creatures will almost certainly pay with their lives...

Are you brave enough to risk it all?

Attack of the Frawgs! is a Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game adventure designed for 8-14 0-level characters but can be easily adapted for 1st-level characters.