Far Avalon, Book 3, Traveller Conversion

by Avalon Games

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Tags: campaign setting future sci-fi Traveller

Far Avalon, Book 3, Traveller Conversion

Far Avalon, Book 3, Traveller Conversion

Far Avalon Book 3: Traveller Conversion Book

Far from the Home Worlds, the Far Avalon region was for many years an underdeveloped backwater. Now, it may be the only enclave of humans left in the universe. With the inexplicable failure of the Lubeck Conduit, the people of Far Avalon must find their own future. Some seek to build empires, some search for a way home, while others have less obvious plans.

Far Avalon is a region in turmoil, a place where a handful of daring individuals can make a difference. A new order may emerge, or chaos may descend.

Far Avalon is a complete science-fiction game setting created by Martin J Dougherty. It is internally consistent and can be used with any rules system. This volume allows the use of the Traveller rules from Mongoose Publishing in the Far Avalon setting. It presents variants to the character creation, starship design and combat rules tailored to the unique Far Avalon background, and ties in with the Career Books from Spica Publishing.