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Whatever game you play -- miniatures, board-war games, role-playing games -- Toxic Bag Productions' Battles sound scenes collection puts you in the center of the action. The air is thick with the sound of bullets whizzing by, cannons roaring, officers barking orders, tanks rumbling down wrecked streets, volleys of arrows and the crackling of energy weapons. Four audio battles from four distinct epochs, each with an eight-minute loopable section for unlimited re-playability.

Sounds include:


The army of men have made camp by the river. The Orc drums can be heard in the distance. Battle will be joined soon. The soldiers watch the dark forest with unease. Suddenly the Orcs erupt out of the tangle of woods. The battle has come sooner than expected...

1. Introduction

2. Main fantasy battle (8 mins, loopable)

3. Fadeout

The American Civil War

Long lines of blue and gray face each other in the hot July sun. Cannon fire interrupts the sounds of officers repositioning their troops. With fife and drum playing, the Gray line advances into sheets of musket fire. Will the Confederates, break the line? Will the Union line hold?

4. Introduction

5. Main Civil War battle (7:36, loopable)


World War II

After a preliminary artillery bombardment, a mixed American force advances into a French town...where the Germans are waiting.

7. Introduction

8. Main WWII battle (7:58, loopable)

9. Fadeout

Science Fiction

A Terran assault force engages a mob of Space Orks. Lasers, disruptors, war droids and hovercraft clash in an epic battle.

10. Introduction

11. Main sci-fi battle (8 mins, loopable)


13. Battle Theme Music

"The compact discs from Toxic Bag are quality products that deliver what they advertise...these CDs are likely to please role-playing gamers who are looking for one more way to increase the immersion in their gaming experience."

"One of the best...BATTLES is a top notch CD and a top notch game aid. This one CD has so many uses, it's really a shame not to own it." --Brian's Small Press Picks, Knights of the Dinner Table October 2002

"While I've obviously never been in the middle of a sword and sorcery melee or a Civil War battle, [BATTLES] sounds pretty much like I imagine it would." --Kenneth Newquist, Nuketown

"...all the war ambience you need." --Sorting the Loot, Nodwick October 2002

The original provider of Sound Effects for Role Playing, Toxic Bag brings over 20 years of sound effects experience directly to your gaming table. We currently offer more than 200 unique sounds for all genres of RPG!